Daily sailing tour

embarkation from the port of Isola delle Femmine (Palermo)




Isola 40 is the flagship of the Shipyard Politi, a fabulous cruising cabin which gives you exciting sailing performances, designed and built entirely in Isola delle Femmine, as the fruit of forty years of passion for sailing.




Meeting at 10:00 am.

Return at 6:30 pm



pontile g3

Meeting at the marina PolitiNautica for a sailors breakfast on board, while we familiarize with the boat that will take us through the waves and the breeze.

Sailing along the beautiful coastline between Monte Pellegrino and Terrasini: we will decide together which natural treasure reach!


calarossa terrasini

Heading to the west, Terrasini offers us the white striped red cliffs of Calarossa, and the magnificent spectacle of the caves along the cliffs of the Capo Rama natural reserve. 

Here we can go snorkeling, exploring the rich seabed, still hosting lobsters, or watch after the birds that stop here during migration.

Golfo di Mondello - Palermo

Heading to the east, we pass by the nice traditional fishers village of Sferracavallo, the rocky coasts of Barcarello and Capo Gallo natural reserves, so rich of urchins and octopus, and we get the Gulf of Mondello with its clear and crystal waters and the sandy seabed, precious jewel of the people of Palermo: it’s time to plunge and swim in this green paradise!

Lunch on board cooked by the skipper: prepare yourself to taste a good pasta with incredibile taste of sea, using just local products of certified quality, and a glass of Sicilian wine.

                                     pasta con le cozze     sarde a beccafico

Depending on weather conditions we will decide together whether to stop at anchor to enjoy some rest or take a swim and explore the seabed, or if you like to go sailing, maybe acquiring some skills and sailing stories.

 isola al tramonto lunga

Return to the port of Isola delle Femmine





€ 250 plus € 50 per person (min 2 persons, max 6)

There are no extra charges. 

To make reservations, a deposit of 50% is required; we accept reservations from 10 to 1 days before the excursion


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