Politi Nautica Charter & Sailing
Crociere a Vela nel Mediterraneo

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Charter Sailing:
The best way for a holiday immersed in nature

If you love nature, the journey to discover inaccessible places in the seabed and protected fauna and flora rich charming .. then you're in the right place! We love travel by sailboat, we like the nature and constant contact with the sea. We started building the boats having too much success, then we decided to put our passion, our skills, our professionalism in the service of those who love the sea and wants to enjoy all facets... not just to brown on the beach under the sun ... but the protagonist, the waves, carried by the wind as the man has done since the beginning of time...


Charter Politi Nautica - Isola 40'
We know it very well, because we are at the center of the Mediterranean.
Our boats are treated in detail, so you can spend a vacation sporty but comfortable. Our tours are organized with care, for you to get to know our culture, our sea, our dishes.
Our skippers are qualified, reliable and always available to meet your requirements (if you are not asking for the moon... !) and get you around by sea to know the hidden beauty, cliffs often unreachable by land, smaller ports that seem to have stopped the nineteenth...

Contact us, we are at your disposal for any clarification or information.


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