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Charter Politi Nautica - Who we are

pontile g5Our company has a long history more than 30 years, the yard is in fact founded by Guido Politi in 1975 with the completion of the prototype of a sailing class international "OPTIMIST" for the school and the sailing regatta for children under 15.

Champions of the Olympic level as Paco Wirz and Francesco Bruni, began racing on the "Optimist" Politi. In 1981 Guido directs the construction of "Isola", a prototype of a boat cabin sailboats designed IOR of 10 m from the study "Fontana Maletto Navone". The ship debuts in 1982 at the World Championship Tree Quarter Ton Cup in Trieste with a second and fourth place in the regatta triangle.

From the water lines of this excellent boat, with the cover and interior cruise, designed by Guido Politi, born the successful series of Isola 34' which gave much satisfaction to customers both in racing nationally and internationally both as a comfort and safety in normal use cruise. In 1988 he inaugurated the berth within the port of Isola delle Femmine, near Palermo, and the shipyard increased its activities with the mooring and storage of boats.

In 1992 Guido Politi designs the cruiser sailing Isola 21' m. 6.50 with the innovative system comes easily portable external rotation forklift on the road to tow an average displacement. In 2002, designs and produces Isola 40', a boat of 12 meters with large spaces and great agility; start working with Guido young Gabriel and Matilda both racers and fans, and they found the company Politi Cantiere Nautico srl. In 2008 are built the first models of Isola 40', with higher volumes, comfort, and a reduced sail area, for the charter boat with the boat dock at Isola delle Femmine.

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