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Charter Politi Nautica - Egadi Islands

favignana porto Politi charter Isola delle Femmine PalermoBetween Africa and Europe, the Egadis Islands preserve their spiritual dimension already known by the Greeks who named them Marettimo - "sacred island", Levanzo - "where life flows with serene slowness" and Favignana "the Butterfly".

Still today, life in the Egadis Islands has a spiritual dimension that is highlighted by the relationship between the islanders and the sea, islanders who keep the ancient fishing techniques alive, such as the tonnara, or tuna fishing nets.

Favignana, the island that the Greeks called Aegusa, took its actual name from the wind Flavonio during the medieval period; it resembles a great butterfly come to quietly rest on the Mediterranean waters, waters that still evoke history and myth, concealing in their depths secrets of ancient battles... Arriving on the island it is impossible not to notice the elegance and the lightness of Palazzo Florio (1876), the symbol of the island. From here you can begin your visit of the town, following the main road in order to reach the heart of the island, Piazza Matrice, centre of island life. On the right of the plaza you can penetrate the streets of the Sant'Anna district, the most ancient nucleus of the town, where among the simple houses built in tuff stone, splendid ipogean gardens are hidden.

levanzo cala dogana Charter Politi Nautica Isola delle Femmine PalermoLevanzo is the smallest of the Egadis Islands, surrounded by a crystalline sea. It is famous for its 'Grotta del Genovese', where evidence of prehistoric activity can be found in the cave drawings dating from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Neolithic ages.

It has only steep and accessible coasts in the Northwest and Southeast zones, that steeply fall from a culminating plateau, the "Pizzo del Monaco" (278 meters). The only inhabited centre, where most of the island's inhabitants live, rises on the southern coast of the island in an inlet named Cala Dogana, which is also the island's dock, offering protective shelter from the northern and western winds. As for the other islands, it is advisable to visit Levanzo by boat, in order to admire the beauties of the sea and to appreciate its clear waters. The oriental part of the island is made up of continuous coves, often surmounted by walls which fall into precipices.

marettimo charter Nautica Politi Isola delle Femmine PalermoMarettimo (anciently call "Hiera") is the most distant and the most mountainous of the Egadis Islands.

Being in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea means being in the centre of the history. In fact in 241 B.C. the Roman fleet defeated that Carthaginian fleet in these waters during the the Punic War. In 1601 the Normans defeated the Saracens and the island of Marettimo, together with the other two Egadis Islands, fell under their dominion.

The Norman, Ruggero d'Altavilla, wanting to strengthen the island, turned the Saracen Tower into the impregnable Castello di “Punta Troia".
In the cove created by the promontory where the castle rises, “Scalo Maestro”, they once berthed boats, taking refuge from the scirocco winds.
Also near Monte Capararo, above the inhabited area, there are the "Roman houses", ancient evidence of man's presence.

The island's coastline of Marettimo is rich with dolomitic rock caves and precipices with their rose coloured tonalities. From Punta Troia to Punta Libeccio you can discover the "Grotta del Cammello", the "Grotta del Presepio" and the "Grotta della Pipa". 

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