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Charter Politi Nautica - Aeolian Island

Isole Eolie mappa Politi Charter Nautico Isola delle Femmine PalermoNo place better represents the true nature of the Mediterranean Sea, made up of fire, sea and earth, than the Eolian Islands.

They take their name from Eolo, God of the winds and they are formed by seven islands disseminated along the NE coast of Sicily, forming a large 'Y', of which Volcano island forms the southern extremity and Alicudi and Stromboli respectively form the two western and eastern points.


The Eolian Islands are: Alicudi, Filicudi, and Lipari, Panarea with its basaltic islets of Basiluzzo, Dattilo and Lisca Bianca; Salina; Stromboli, with the close-by rock-cliff of Strombolicchio and Vulcano.

Santa Marina di Salina Politi Charter Nautico Isola delle Femmine PalermoStromboli Politi Charter Nautico Isola delle  Femmine PalermoHuman presence on the Eolian Islands results since the dawn of time. Prehistoric people came to the islands attracted by the presence of great quantities of obsidian, a vulcanic mineral which made the Eolian Islands the centre of flourishing commercial routes since the times of ancient Rome.

During the centuries the Eolian Islands have been populated by the Spanish, the Sicilians and Italians. During the Borbonic period the island of Vulcano was used as a penal colony, the compulsory extraction of alum and sulphur the punishment for those sent there.

lipari Politi Charter Nautico Isola delle Femmine PalermoThe Eolian Islands have always had an immense charm for the travellers that have reached them; today during the summer period tourists number over 200,000 in all the Islands, in B&Bs, hotels, villages, tourist villages and camp sites, as well as the many boats berthed in the welcoming tourist harbours.

The Eolian Islands have been declared a natural heritage site by UNESCO for their volcanic phenomena.

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